Thursday, April 17, 2008

Natalie surprised at her eviction

Natalie was evicted from the BB9 house last night, looking very surprised and in fact... hurt. It seems that she was convinced that she was staying in the house. Adam and Ryan had been weighing the options of keeping Natalie versus Sharon, and in the end the two of them decided to let Sheila break a tie and cast a live vote to evict Natalie.

I think this may have been a really smart move on the part of Adam and Ryan. They can explain themselves as being indecisive and not feel responsible for being the ones who evicted either Sharon or Natalie. We will have to see how it plays out in the jury house though.

Now Natalie is off to the jury house, and I'm sure we're all wondering how she will react and behave upon being re-united with her beloved Matt. He continues to state that his interests in Natalie are purely of a friendship (platonic) but I think we know different. Matt is a guy, and if given the opportunity for "a little", my bet is that he is going to take it. But we're moving in a strange direction here aren't we?

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