Friday, January 18, 2008

Hopes for Big Brother 9

What would you like to see on Big Brother 9?

I have found that the past couple of seasons have been just a little bit predictable. Maybe CBS should swap Jeff Probst and Julie Chen. How would that be? Can you imagine Julie Chen at Tribal Council? "I'll go tally the votes... BUT FIRST... Does anyone have the hidden immunity idol?" Really though, I don't think Julie's high heels and makeup would fair too well on an island in the south Pacific.

I'm hoping that CBS puts a bit more thought into this season with a few things we haven't seen before. New competitions, new power positions, and hopefully new personalities.

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Miss Lilly Says... said...

Love your blog! It would be interesting if Jeff & Julie switched shows. Hilarious!

I hope the Dirty Little Secret twist lives up to it's name. It would be nice to see 10 strangers come into the house this year. Makes it a better game, imo.

I have a secret!