Monday, December 17, 2007

Big Brother 9 rumors and ramblings

With Big Brother 9 only a couple months away, we're very curious about how the show will go in this different time of year. The likely reason for the time shift (we're guessing) is the writer's strike. Writers absolutely HATE reality shows. In fact, actors don't like reality shows much either. I mean think about it.... Take a handful of unknowns, and put them on primetime television every week. After a few weeks (if the show is any good), America suddenly knows their names. Take Denise from "Survivor" for example. She was a primary school lunch lady, and now everyone recognizes her. OK maybe it's short-lived celeb status, but it still takes jobs away from the "real" actors out there.

We already know Big Brother 9 will be aired 3 times per week. The LIVE show to be shown leading up to the not-so-impressive Jericho, which CBS is keeping on life support for some reason. We're also going to get another new season of Survivor in February. Am I the only one who feels spoiled by all this?

Here are my hopes for the new season:

- America's Player: No thanks. It was a little amusing having Eric as America's player on BB8, but nothing more than that. He wasn't very happy when he was chosen to do it, and I wouldn't be either. Besides, the whole house will be suspecting it anyway.

- Relatives and Exes: I hope they keep this one out too. The whole "expect the unexpected" where relationships are concerned has been played out I think.

- Celebs: I read somewhere that CBS may inject the house with 1 or 2 B-List type celebrities. I don't know if this will be good or not. I think it would depend on who the celebs are. Bringing back a few players from previous years might be a good idea.

- Eviction System: I'm hoping for an improved eviction system. In season 1, it was America's decision 100%. Since then it has been the house-guests only. I'd like to see something different again. Perhaps a combination of the two.

Post a comment, and give your thoughts on these or any other suggestions you'd like to see in the new season of Big Brother.

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