Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ryan's nominations

The first single player nominations were held just a couple hours ago, and the nominations are:

Chelsia & Sharon

So far it appears Chelsia is up as a pawn with Sharon being the true target. What I really think Ryan would like to do however is to evict either Sharon, or Josh. One of the two, depending on the POV results.


Anonymous said...

Ryan is a moron. Josh should be his target. He was the one that wanted him/Allison gone and was successful. Matt can't be trusted. There is no one in the house that can play this game well. They should bring Evil Dick in to stir things up. These guys are all wimps. They can't remember who wanted them off to get revenge on. They should have given Allison a chance to stay over Ryan. Ryan is a loser and there is no way he's going to the end playing the way he's playing, no game.

Kinzie said...

no offense but you're stating the obvious here...

One thing about Big Brother, is that it always takes a few weeks before a couple of true players show themselves. After this week, you should start to see some real game-play.

Also, I think that Ryan's true target IS Josh. Ryan is very good at keeping his mouth shut, so none of us really know his true intentions.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is a moron