Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chelsia vs. Natalie (plus POV spoiler info)

Well it was a bit of a catfight Friday night in the BB9 household.
Chelsia had a bit too much ice-cream and went on quite a tangent with Natalie. It's no secret these two aren't liking one another recently, and this video clip proves it in spades! Don't watch these if foul language bothers you.



Chelsia goes too far with this stuff in my opinion, but what I got a kick out of was how she mentions that she's going to be having sex with Matt once she gets to the sequester house, also revealing the infamous scene in the food locker where she and Matt made out for a little while. This visibly upsets Natalie who still seems to be convinced that she and Matt have a relationship of some kind. The end result of this is Natalie talking to Adam shortly thereafter in the HOH room, trying to convince him to keep Chelsia in the house somehow.

James has WON THE POV and is expected to remove himself from the block. Natalie is (or was as of last night) trying to convince Adam to replace James (assuming he removes himself) with Josh and get him out of the house.

It's a mad mad mad mad BB9 house!

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sarah said...

she disgusts me, what an attention-whore.