Monday, March 03, 2008

BB9 up to date!

My apologies for the lack of updates in the past couple of days.
Even reality TV fans have a life!

When we left off, we found out that Josh and Sharon had swept the HoH competition, and the power immediately went to Josh's head. In fact, his EGO has been in overdrive ever since they won the keys to the HoH room. Sharon is more or less putting up with it from the looks of things, as the house kisses Josh's ass.

If it were me in there, I would have rallied the entire house against the HoH to say "yes, you can perform the nominations, but WE will collectively decide who goes how this week... so watch your behaviour..." Ah, but I am not in the house.

Ryan and Allison
Matt and Natalie

It's not secret that Josh and Allison are not getting along. Josh went on another tirade (a la Amanda) against Allison:

Anyone with a brain who watches that will see that Josh is the bad one in the relationship. His language and immature actions are almost unbelievable. I will take immense pleasure in seeing him leave the house.


The winners are: Matt and Natalie!
Of course, they removed themselves from the block, and Adam and Sheila were put up in their place. A little disappointed with that one, as I thought it would have been a lot more interesting to see Ryan and Allison win the POV. As a result, it appears they may be headed home on Wednesday, but as we already know, the tide can easily turn in the BB9 house.

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