Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BB9 - Let's get up to date!

My apologies once again for the lack of updates in the past several days. I was travelling without a computer or even a television, so needless to say I was aching for my Big Brother 9 fix!

Here's what has happened in the past several days:
  • James returns to the house 5 minutes after having been evicted. He is voted back in instead of the "mystery houseguest" (which was Alex). The vote to return him was 5 to 3 with Ryan, Sheila, and Matt voting for the mystery houseguest.
  • Similar to when Ryan won the HoH shortly after being voted out (it was Allison who left), James came back into the house and immediately WON THE HOH. He and Natalie were the last two standing (hanging) in the endurance competition, and James had worked a deal to keep Natalie and Matt safe from nomination.
  • At the nomination ceremony, James stays true to his word and nominates Ryan and Sheila for eviction. At this point, he was still unaware who the 3rd vote was to keep him out of the house although he knows it was either Adam or Matt.
  • The POV ceremony upcoming, Sheila is sweating bullets thinking that she's going home and that nobody loves her etc... Mostly paranoia because if those nominations were to remain, the chances were great that Ryan was leaving, not Sheila.
  • James still wonders who the 3rd vote was, and after listening to Adam defend himself vigorously, James believed that Adam lied and he was the 3rd vote (wrong!).
  • James wins the POV and plans on removing Sheila and replacing with Adam, until he had a little chat with Sharon who confirms that is was in fact Matt... the 3rd vote. James immediately makes up his mind to remove Sheila, and replace with Matt, which he does.

So this is where we stand:

James (Head of Household, and POV winner)

Ryan and Matt (final nominees, with live eviction tonight)

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