Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Allison evicted + lots of news and twists!

A heck of a lot happened on tonight's live show. It was "expect the unexpected" as we have never seen before! Last week we were warned by Julie Chen that there would be some surprises this week in the BB9 house, and was she ever right!

Firstly, there was the note explaining to the houseguests that if they heard a certain siren, to assemble in the living room for a special announcement. This was something the house-guests figured would radically change the game, but they couldn't imagine what would actually happen!

During the normal vote tonight, Allison and Ryan were given a 2-0 to be evicted, and when the announcement was made, they picked up their gear and tried to leave by way of the front door, but the door was locked. Just then, the siren went off and therefore everyone (including Allison and Ryan) have to re-assemble in the living room once again where the twist was presented to them.

The game is NO LONGER COUPLE BASED. They are all playing as individuals now. What that immediately meant for Allison and Ryan was that only one of them were to be leaving this evening. An instant eviction vote was held, and Allison was unanimously sent away to sequester, leaving Ryan in the BB9 house.

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