Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tonight's BB9 episode on CBS

Well if you caught the episode tonight, you'll know already that they're way behind what is happening in the BB9 house. We've known for 2 days that Matt and Natalie won the POV, but tonight I'm now sure they won't use it due to their alliance with Alex and Amanda.

So with that said, either (Ryan and Allison) or (Parker and Jen) will be on their way out. I'll start a poll after the actual Veto ceremony is finished so you can have your say as to who you'd like to see go. Personally, I won't miss Jen and Parker very much but as always... we shall see!

I was surprised at how much airtime they dedicated to the whol Ryan and Jen secret relationship saga. In the big picture, I'm not sure it's making that much of a difference. I really expected to hear about Neil's departure on television tonight. They'll have no choice but to show us that on the next show.

Was anyone else surprised to hear about Amanda's story of her late father? I sure was. It wasn't something I had read in spoilers anywhere or had heard in the live feeds. If you don't know, Amanda revealed to her house-mates that her father committed suicide by hanging when she was 21, so that can't be very long ago. Very sad story. I imagine that we'll hear more about this as the show goes on.


Anonymous said...

I still cannot believe that they were dumb enough to tell people that Jen and Parker are a couple. Have they watched Big Brother before? They were just giving people a reason to get them out of the house.....Jen is annoying, but I do have to say that if her and Parker go...I will miss looking at Parker. He is one of the few hot guys in the house this season.

Anonymous said...

You're right - Parker is a hottie lolz -but it's Jen and Ryan who are the 'real life' couple, Jen and Parker are the bb couple lol

Kinzie said...

You are both right on Parker being definite eye candy on the show. Jen is just annoying for sure.

Sharon is surprising me so far. Her and Josh just seem to keep very quiet and fly low under the radar!