Monday, February 04, 2008

Rumours abound!

Thank you to "the walrus" for this bit of information just received:

Rumour is that the theme for the house is going to be "Winter Log Cabin" as opposed to the "Alice in Wonderland" last year(though the HOH room will have a "Surfer" theme) I could see it as this is the first winter edition of Big Brother.

Rumour or not, we'll find out soon. The cast is going to be released this Wednesday on the Early Show, so the house pics will be leaked very soon(rumour is tomorow, Monday). Expect a flood of rumours any time now, because the houseguests should be in sequester.

No news about the actual twist this year yet. Though it has been speculated that a big component of the game will be some sort of competition involving guessing the houseguests secrets(figure out a secret, win immunity or money?) but I'm not sure how founded those rumours are. Most are based off the french version of Big Brother, but it would fit into the Dirty Little Secret song on the commercials.

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